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Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually

A Higher Road

Open your mind and consider new perspectives about life.

Regardless of your current situation or challenges—whether you are poor or wealthy, ill or healthy, happy or depressed—you can find a path to a brighter, fulfilling future.


In this groundbreaking book, D. Neil Elliott outlines how you can achieve your life’s purpose, heal your body and mind, and draw happiness into your life. The unique tools and strategies he offers will help you attain peace, joy, and abundance and discover your true purpose in life. This book brings together scientific discoveries and spiritual concepts and explains the Truth of our Existence in a factual, rational, and engaging way.


At age fifty-seven, Neil was depressed, anxious, and fearful. He felt trapped … there was no way out. Searching desperately for a sliver of hope, a reason to keep going, he found a Higher Road. More accurately, it found him—and as he traveled that road, he discovered a seven-step process that transformed his life.


A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually reveals secrets hidden since the beginning of creation that enabled Neil to transform himself—body, mind, and soul. Now, in this book, he guides you through a process that will help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your life.


Neil’s book begins with a memoir of his early years—and shows how his life experience pushed him to the edge. He uses his life story to illustrate how, through the use of our creative consciousness tools, each of us creates our every tomorrow. He expands on concepts of personal consciousness and the mechanisms of how each of us is unknowingly impacting our individual and collective lives, creating our current turbulent and destructive global reality.


Next, the book reviews scientific works on memetics, biology, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and neurogenesis, to emphasize how scientific discoveries and the repercussions of science’s “mind over matter” paradigms affect our daily lives. To assist us in understanding the concept of self, consciousness, and life, Neil shares a vivid description of a Near-Death Experiencer’s afterlife vision that shows clearly what happens to us when we die. Then, he moves on to share with us the revelatory blueprint document that inspired him to take a Higher Road. This manuscript held the key to his personal transformation.


In this easy-to-understand book you will learn:

  • The Secrets of Existence and Our True Spiritual Origins.

  • New knowledge that bridges the gulf between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension and the Seen World of ‘Matter’ that will enable science to move forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of humankind.

  • What your tools of creativity are, and how you use them moment by moment to create every tomorrow, every experience, and every circumstance that comes into your life. You cannot escape this process; it is a law of existence.

  • How to ascend in spiritual consciousness, free yourself from the treadmill of life’s ups and downs, and enter an inner state of everlasting peace, joy, love, abundance, and prosperity that is more rewarding than you ever dreamed possible.


By completing all Seven Steps as outlined, you will have knowledge that will enable you—with effort, determination, and dedication—to transform your life.

A Higher Road

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A Higher Road


A Higher Road

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From Neil 

My Experiences as I Follow this Path

As I write this, it has been just over three years since I began this journey, utilizing the knowledge I gained to reach out and contact the Divine, and to cleanse and rebuild my consciousness. This contact takes place when you gain the knowledge and insights about the Truth of Existence, Creation, and the twin impulses of being, and follow the instructions provided. Only after I had completed all the necessary learnings and steps was I able to reach out properly to make contact with the Divine.


When I first started meditating, as instructed in the blueprint document provided, I felt nothing I recognized as contact. After a few months of meditating daily, I got in the swing of clearing my mind completely of the string of endless thoughts that flow non-stop into the human mind and permeate it.


As I continued with daily meditations, daily cleansing, and the rebuilding of my consciousness, my contact with the Divine became clearer, beautiful, and more powerful. The stronger the inflow of spiritual energy was, the more my body reacted in movements and vibrations. As I became more receptive to the inflow of spiritual power, I began to shift into higher frequencies of consciousness.


If you join me in this process, completing the learnings, learning how to meditate properly, and sticking with it, you too may enjoy these amazing and beautiful experiences yourself, as you ascend in consciousness.

View of Mt.Fuji

Why Read A Higher Road

Regardless of your current situation and challenges, whether they are physical or mental; whether you are poor or wealthy; and whether you are ill or healthy, happy or depressed, the steps and information provided in this book can help you along your path to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

The information contained within this book bridges the gulf between science and spirituality. It is a must read for scientists and for those spiritually evolving seekers looking to understand the True Reality of Consciousness.

The Ego is a necessary tool of creation. And in order to ascend spiritually you must learn how and why it was created, how it controls your life, and how to transcend it. This process is clearly outlined in the material provided.

The unique tools and strategies offered in this book can help you attain absolute peace, joy, abundance and prosperity in your life

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends and the other begins?

~ Edgar Allan Poe

Praise for A Higher Road

D Neil Elliott.png

“D. Neil Elliott’s book, A Higher Road – Cleanse Your Consciousness, Transcend the Ego, and Ascend Spiritually, is a treasure. It’s the perfect hybrid of inspirational memoir and empowering self-help book. The first chapters take you on a journey through Neil’s early life—growing up in a home that brought all manner of trials to a fatherless boy. His challenges will resonate with any reader who has experienced childhood trauma or dealt with phobias, fears, or anxiety. Ultimately, life’s relentless tribulations drove Neil to conclude that suicide was only the way out. Deeply depressed and on the brink of self-annihilation, Neil discovered a document online that changed his life. By following its age-old insight, knowledge, and truths, he not only survived, but thrived. The latter chapters of A Higher Road guide you to that life-affirming wisdom, teaching a seven-step process to help you find peace, joy, love, and abundance. A must-read!”

~ Dr. Michael Ireland

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