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You Choose Your Path,
Deliberately or by Default.

~ D. Neil Elliott

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At age fifty-seven, Neil was depressed, anxious, and fearful. He felt trapped … there was no way out. Searching desperately for a sliver of hope, a reason to keep going, he found a Higher Road. More accurately, it found him—and as he traveled that road, he discovered a seven-step process that transformed his life.


Neil’s desire—and his new mission in life—is to share the knowledge he gained and the process he used on his journey to self-awareness, together with the blueprint document he discovered that was instrumental in transforming his life. He wants to give you, regardless of your station in life, the tools and opportunity to empower yourself, transform your life, and draw peace, joy, love, and prosperity into your personal situation and environment. Neil believes that as more and more people follow this Higher Road to true spiritual perfection, a New Era of Love and Peace will dawn for everyone throughout the world.

Discover hidden secrets and truths that will guide you through the process of achieving the best possible outcomes for your life.

A Higher Road


Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually

Open your mind and consider new perspectives about life.

Regardless of your current situation or challenges—whether you are poor or wealthy, ill or healthy, happy or depressed—you can find a path to a brighter, fulfilling future. In this groundbreaking book, D. Neil Elliott outlines seven steps that will help you attain absolute peace, joy, and abundance and discover your true purpose in life. This book brings together scientific discoveries and spiritual concepts and explains the Truth of our Existence in a factual, rational, and engaging way. These Truths bridge the gulf between science and spirituality.

Why did I write the book?

I wrote this book with the desire to help people, and the planet. To share the new knowledge, process, and methodology I learned to transform my consciousness from depression and misery to one of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance. My hope is that the information I share will help those who desire to transform their individual consciousness to experience, for themselves, an ever more exalted and wondrous state of living. 


As more and more people transform their consciousness a spiritual momentum will be put in motion. As this happens, we will, eventually, change the behavior of all humankind to one of inner peace, love and joy. When this happens, we will save our planet from human-driven annihilation. This may take many centuries, but it starts today with readers like you—readers open to learning, willing to transform their lives, and motivated to become the embodiment of Unconditional Love.


This book’s success will be measured by the total number of people who read it. Therefore, if you have purchased a copy of this book, or somehow have a copy in your hands and have concluded that, “Meh ... it’s not for me,” or “Yes, it’s the best thing since instant porridge,” I urge you to pass it onto someone else (without colorful commentary on its contents) and suggest they read it. No one can judge the inner reality of another person.


In order to give your friend or colleague the opportunity to decide for themselves whether the contents of this book are helpful to them, give them the chance to follow the same process you did as you read this book—without pre-judgment or external influence.


If this book can help a handful of people come out of the shades of darkness and into the light, freeing them from internal misery and pain, feelings of emptiness or despair, and into new experiences of peace, joy, and love, in my eyes, it will be a success.


I sincerely pray it helps many more than just a handful of people.

Love Is

Love is soft,



It embraces,



It is patient,



Love is all these things.

Let it shine.

~ Received in Meditation
by D. Neil Elliott

D Neil Elliott

God loves us because of who God is, not because of who we are. That is grace.

~ Philip Yancey

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