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How Many Times Must I Learn This Particular Lesson?

When I look back at the last week, I can pinpoint circumstances and events when I let my ego take control of my thoughts, words and actions. This happens for many reasons, and in order for me to combat this ego-driven behavior, I need to be constantly mindful of what I am thinking and feeling in order to better assess what I consider to be, in that moment, my current reality. I know this. I have learned this lesson many times before.

As I outlined in a previous blog post So Much Anger on Both Sides of a Conversation, each of us sees the world through our own perspective, a lens we have polished and smoothed from childhood. We believe we learned to become versed in the ways of the world, but in truth, we have only created “a perception” of our world. And we believe it to be true.

Our ego uses these patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to respond to our external environment. Many times, these ego-driven responses create more issues (often negative) for us to deal with. I know this. I have learned this lesson before.

And yet…

Before I can stop and remind myself to reflect on the situation, I realize that I have, yet again, stumbled forward with my ego. Then I am in the situation involving backtracking and making amends with the person or persons that got caught up with my ego-driven behavior. If only I could remain mindful at all times, actively conscious of what I am thinking and feeling, I could override my ego-driven responses and lovingly assess the current situation or event and respond with kindness and sincere concern for the other party involved. It not only ensures I don’t create negativity in the other person, it also keeps me in alignment with who I am at the core of my being, my soul.

Is there a lesson you keep learning over and over again?

How are you managing to square that with your journey?

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